Has the discovery of Homo Naledi changed the Human Story?

South Africa has been hailed as a global leader in the field of paleoanthropology, following the discovery of a new species of human relative, Homo Naledi. However the discovery of this large collection of Homo fossils deep in the belly of the Maropeng caves has highlighted uncertainties about the Hominid. Some people in the science and anthropology fields have challenged Professor Lee Burger and a team of scientists and researchers who made the discovery to confirm if Homo Naledi is a human ancestor. Professor Berger’s team is certain. They argue that there are striking similarities in the skull, legs and hands. However some people are not convinced.

There is also a raging debate now, perhaps with a tinge of racial undertones, on what really Homo Naledi portrays about Africans. Some have contended “Homo Naledi is a racist theory designed to cast Africans as sub-human”.

Signature Africa took the 50 km drive northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, to the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site to make a discovery of our own about Homo Naledi and ask if this discovery has changed the human story.