History dating back to the famous Zulu battles at Mtonjaneni Zulu Historical Museum

Home to a history documented as far back as 1879, the site of the Mtonjaneni Zulu Historical Museum is of extreme cultural and historical significance. Housing artefacts and original weapons used in what the world’s leading 19th century Anglo-Zulu history author David Rattaray, termed the Victory of the Zulu’s in his novel, David Rattarys GuideBook to the Anglo – Zulu War Battlefields.  Used as a look out point to Ulundi and Ondini during the battle, the Mtonjaneni Lodge is home to the museum. Join Nico Harris, owner of the Mtonjaneni Lodge and farm as he takes Signature Africa Networks Bongi Gwala through a blitz lesson in Zulu culture and as he explains just what it is behind this place that the Zulu people call e’Mtonjaneni, meaning At the Spring.