Liliesleaf: Understanding the course of South Africa’s trek to freedom. The struggle wasn’t by one person.

Understanding that the liberation of South Africa doesn’t belong to one individual or organization becomes easier once one has paid a visit to one of the most iconic farm houses in South Africa, Liliesleaf.  Home to one of the few original copies of the Freedom Charter signed by Nobel Peace Prize Laurette Nkosi Albert Luthuli, Liliesleaf is where the leading minds of the time from all walks of life and creed  would secretly meet. The infamous Rivionia Trial accused were raided and their plans exposed here. Now operating as a museum and conference centre . The Trust’s CEO Nic Wolpe, who is the son of one of the men detained during the raid attorney and anti-apartheid activist Harold Wolpe, spoke to Paula Gilbert on the importance of South Africans knowing and visiting sites of historical significance.