2016 South African Fashion Week show stoppers!

South African Fashion Week is one of the leading fashion events in the local designer’s calendar. Designers, both established and upcoming, gear up for this event to showcase the commercial viability of their work, network and find new clients. Twenty years since its inception, SA Fashion Week has grown and located itself as one of the best platforms for marketing and brand positioning in Africa.  It is the only Business to Business marketing platform for designers and buyers in the country.

Before the start of the hectic 2017 fashion season, Lwando Notshe of SANtv looks back at the 2016 Fashion Week. Here she caught up with some of the best designers who were showcasing their collections. She gained valuable insight into the state of the fashion industry in South African.

Lwando also noted that, Colleen Eitzen, who is known for her bright colours and fabrics, delivered one of the best collections of the season, while Dominique Gatland of Lunar gave a word about the challenges facing his industry in the current economic climate. Lunar is the leading producer of garments from natural fabrics in South Africa.  The legendary, internationally acclaimed Clive Rundle also shared how the industry has evolved over the years.