What is Art?

Art can be defined in many ways. It is a personal feeling, journey and interpretation. “I could tell you that art plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich” Shelley Esaak, Art History Expert.

The About the Book section of Professor Pitika Ntuli’s The Scent of Invisible Footprints: The Sculpture of Pitika Ntuli, further punctuates this point.

This section articulates, “Pitika carries us into the world of wood, stone, bone and metal – turning the familiar into novelty; demystifying daily objects; powerfully conveying human feeling and sensibilities – ideas, philosophies and dreams ooze out of solid, apparently inanimate, objects. His works are full of humour, wit and magic, and are imbued with profound indigenous insights, whilst at the same time conversing with Western artists like Modigliani, Giacometti and Picasso”

In our quest to demystify, educate and unearth all things art, SAN visited Professor Ntuli’s Art Gallery in Johannesburg South Africa, where we asked him and his son Zwelethu Ntuli (Anthropologist) the question:  What is Art?

Professor Ntuli is a South African sculptor, poet, writer and academic who spent 32 years of his life in exile in Swaziland and the United Kingdom. Visit his website www.pitikantuli.com.